Make Your Kitchen The Place Where The Magic Happens! 

Make Your Kitchen The Place Where The Magic Happens! 

Those of us who think that running a cafe or a restaurant requires only good food are severely mistaken. Sure, good food is important. It is what makes people keep coming back to our establishment time and time again. Still, the thing that attracts the customers to the cafe in the first place isn’t the food – remember, they haven’t even had it yet – it’s the atmosphere and the decor. A cafe or a restaurant that looks shabby and poorly decorated but has great food is much more likely to make fewer sales than one that is gorgeously decorated yet has average food. Food, more than anything else, is an experience. Eating in a shabby setting is bound to kill the feeling of the food and we are just so much more likely to feel uncomfortable and are much less likely to return. To attract customers we need to make a seamless experience for the visitor, and this can only be done by combining the themes of the food, the decor and the music to make sure that everything ties in beautifully and complements the star, the food. There are several aspects of the decor that need to be properly addressed in order to create a beautifully rounded experience.  

The theme of the restaurant is always decided by the menu. It makes no sense to sell traditional Chinese or Japanese food in a restaurant with traditional European decor. Of course, for a more modern touch, elements of cultures can be combined to create a wholly unique experience but that needs to reach the menu as well as the decor. Decorating a cafe or a restaurant can be much harder than decorating our homes, as anything and everything needs to be on point here, whereas in our homes we can often make do with a light handed approach. Based on the menu that we have planned, we can go for coordinating colours, floors, furniture and decor. It’s always a safe bet, however, to keep the area well lit and airy, so that the customers can feel refreshed and can also look around the place properly.  

However, what may be more important than decorating the cafe itself may be designing the kitchen itself. The kitchen is where the magic happens – this is even truer for any cafe or restaurant. Just like how we can end up being all frazzled if the kitchen in our homes is messy, the same holds true for the kitchen in a cafe – except that the chaos can be tenfold. A messy and badly made kitchen in a cafe can mean chefs not being able to make the food properly or on time, and that is obviously the last thing that anyone running a cafe wants. The goal is to be as time-efficient as possible, all the while making mouthwatering food. An ill-organised kitchen without 3D kitchen design can mean that we become messy, the food is sub par and also not on time – a recipe fit for disaster. 

3D kitchen design can help avert this crisis in the blink of an eye, as you can now test out the kitchen plan that you have in mind before the work actually begins, so you’ll know just how the kitchen will turn out. Once you’re satisfied with what you thought of, plus the suggestions of the professionals, the kitchen can come to life! An in-house bar can be planned out the same way to add just another layer of dimension to your cafe or restaurant and so that you can cater to an even bigger audience.  

Once we have tested everything out beforehand, there is no way that our kitchen will turn out messy or congested or badly made. Now, every area can be neatly organised and airy, with ample space for all the chefs to go about their work without banging into each other, and you can be sure to be churning out great food as quickly as possible! Taking this planned approach to your kitchen and bar can make everything seamless, not just for the customers, but also for the chefs that work so hard to make those stunning dishes, so it really isn’t something that can be skipped.  

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