Key Considerations For Better Video Conferencing Security 

Key Considerations For Better Video Conferencing Security 

Cyber-crime will cost businesses over $2 trillion annually by 2019, concludes a Forbes article. There is every ounce of reality to this projection, so you now know the damages that cyber ignorance can have. It simply means that all those spy movies you saw, where the lead would be intelligently covering off their camera with a band-aid are true. While you might not be at a risk of international spies, the corporate spying is very much a thing these days. Not just big businesses, but medium and small businesses are also at the risk of malware, hackers, digital identity theft and cyber fraud. Video conferencing is mandatory for you to stay connected to your clients today, but it poses a threat and an indication to a potential security breach too. Having said that, video conferencing has advanced in the past few years and huge strides have been taken to recognise the data vulnerabilities these networking systems can create. To help you better understand these issues, we have gathered some major considerations for video conferencing security. 

Examine & Prioritise Network Security: 

The first step towards identifying any risk you might have involved yourself into as far as video conferencing security is concerned is to check if your system has updated security or not. What it means is that as your system age, the security that’s keeping you safe also starts to age too. You can be at a high risk of tarnishing your company’s image and reputation by making your conferences go wild by easily letting them out in the open. Ensure that your system is updated, but after a certain point and time, you will have to change the technology too, because old one wouldn’t be able to sustain. Similarly, whenever you are adding any new set of applications or hardware to the existing network, avail any video conference services Sydney, so to make sure there is a Session Border Control to manage any suspicious connections lurking around and to manage the traffic.  

Encrypt The Network: 

Other than the network security, make sure that encryption is also there because it’s a must for the security of video conferencing. Encryption not only stops the spies from getting into your system and making it vulnerable to data breach, but it also secures what’s being communicated. How does it secure? That’s the security of another day, because the technicalities involved will sound gibberish to you. To assure you the benefits of encryption, the set video conferencing encryption standard for this industry is not at least 128-bit AES. We won’t boggle you any further, because we know you might not be a techy. To describe it, it would take even a supercomputer a billion, billion years to crack this encryption. To sum it up, it is virtually impossible to crack this system. So, once you avail the video conferencing services and upgrade your system, you will be assured that no one would be snooping around. Moreover, just like this, there are some technologies that utilise user authentication to stop the misuse and the chances of credentials being stolen or lost. With such pieces of tech, you can easily keep a track of when the conferencing system is being used and by whom. To patch it up, the user credentials won’t be breached, and even if they are, the managed it services provider Sydney in place will easily be able to identify what happened, how it happened and take part in a damage control. Create different access levels for different type of conferences and different type of employees, so you aren’t vulnerable to internal breach either. 

Create A Policy: 

Lastly, to guarantee that your own staff doesn’t fall prey to the malpractices, put a proper policy in place that must be utilised when using the system. There should be an appropriate training on how to connect to the video conferencing from a remote location while using anyone else’s internet connection, how to switch the encryption on and off, and what kind of passwords must be used. With the help of this, your team will be educated and will have a clear vision of the boundaries that have been set to ensure safety and security of the conferencing. If you follow all of this, we don’t see how you will ever be able to face any data breach.  

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