Introduction To Retirement Village 

Introduction To Retirement Village 

What is a retirement village? 

Retirement village is a concept that is not very old, yet tremendously beneficial and popular among senior citizens of the society. For those who aren’t aware of the retirement villages, it is a society of retired or aged people, living individually though sharing common facilities in a neighborhood. As the name reflects, the village has been specifically designed for the old aged people, providing them with all the necessities and facilities particularly needed in old age. There are different similar sized homes that you can own or even rent.  By living in a retirement village, you get yourself a range of benefits like 24-hour emergency assistance and access to different facilities like swimming pools and golf courses. There are also libraries, organised outings, meeting rooms and other platforms that the retired persons can use for get-togethers. Another great attraction for living in the retirement villages is the availability of like-minded people. Since everyone is nearly of the same age in a retirement village, this makes it easy for everyone to find people to connect with. In short, a retirement village not only takes care of your physical needs, but also your mental and spiritual needs.

The cost of the retirement village varies from village to village. This depends on different factors, but mostly on the funding scheme of the village. However, apart from the costs of the services in a retirement village, the homes in these neighborhoods are generally less expensive than regular homes. Some villages allow renting the place while getting all the services so you can live in such villages without having to buy the land.

Things you must do before choosing your retirement village 

Getting a place in a retirement village is not something you do overnight. It is a big decision as this determines how you will be spending your retirement years and so, you need to make sure you choose the best retirement villages Toowoomba for yourself. This involves comparison of different options available, but first you need to make the decision that whether you need to move in a retirement village at all or not. To help you with this crucial decision, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Discuss this matter with your family members and friends. Ask their advice and opinion on your decision to shift to a retirement village.
  2. Consider your options. If your current residence is too big for you and this is the reason for shifting into a smaller retirement home, there are other options.
  3. The facilities at a retirement village require a stable income so consult a financial advisor before taking this big step.
  4. Ask someone who might have experience of living in a retirement village. Even if you don’t have that someone in your circle, ask your friends and family members to help you connect with someone who is or has lived in a retirement village.
  5. Check the market value of your current residence. This will give you a fair idea about whether you can afford a place in retirement village.

Comparing the different retirement villages 

When you’ve made your mind on shifting to a retirement village, it is important that you consider all the options available so you can not only choose the best retirement village for yourself, but also choose one that suits you in all aspects. Following guide will help you compare the options better.

Consider the location and the total cost of living in different retirement villages. Make a list of questions that you would be asking to the operators of all retirement villages.

Ask the operator for a standard factsheet. This is document that will help you compare the similarities and differences between the selected and the other retirement villages.

Try to talk to the residents of the particular retirement village. Ask about their experience.

Pay a visit to the neighborhoods to get an idea about all the available facilities. Take your close friends and family members along with you. They will help you not to make an impulsive decision.

Questions you must ask before choosing one 

As mentioned before, you need to ask a set of questions to the operators of all retirement villages. You should think of things that matter the most to you such as the available facilities or emergency health facilities. Think of all the different aspects of living such as the cost, available markets, transport system, system of resolving disputes, distance from places you need to visit often and other aspects that you can think of, based on your requirements. You might also want to ask about the level of maintenance, the variation in the charges and most importantly, their plans for up-gradation in the near future. Make a list of these questions and then compare the answers for all the villages that are an option for you.


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