All About Steel Fabrication 

All About Steel Fabrication 

What is Steel Fabrication?  

Steel is itself an alloy, not an element like iron. It consists of varying amount of iron, carbon and certain other elements. The variation allows the wide range of properties for the diverse properties of steel. From being stainless to extremely hard, the properties of steel vary according to the composition of various elements. We see these application every day, but rarely do we wonder about the processes that make it available to us. Whether it is for a durable and strong component for a machine or a shiny stainless piece of jewelry, steel undergoes the same set of operations for its fabrication. There might be some addition or reduction of processes the main mutual processes remain the same. Despite the same basic processes, there are over 3000 types of steels available to us and scientists are still working on new forms of it for better suitability to various applications.   

Different types of steels 

As mentioned before, there are numerous types of steels that are used for different applications. The most common of these steel types are mentioned below.  

Carbon steel 

This comes first in the list because of how common it is. It contains about 2% carbon and a little manganese. It is one of the most common types of steels used.  

Stainless Steel 

This is the type that almost everybody is familiar with. However, it is not restricted to the fabrication of jewellery only. It contains about 12% chromium and about 10% nickel. 

Galvanised Steel 

This steel is used for places that need special protection against corrosion. It contains a layer of zinc which is a highly unreactive metal.  

Tool Steel 

This type of steel is made very hard though the process of tempering.  

Electroplated steel 

Electroplated steel is used in the manufacture of cans and other containers. This type of steel contains a layer of another metal applied on it though electric current.  

Main processes of steel fabrication 

Although detailed steel fabrication process varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It depends on the manufacturer’s expertise and facilities. However, there are a set of basic process that are a must in the fabrication of steel.  


This is the basic act of cutting the steel. The selection of tool for this depends on the facilities available at the company’s disposal. The tool for cutting vary from simple saw to lazer. 


This, again, can be done through the very basic and conventional method of hammering or through a machine.  


Different parts need to undergo different process. This is why different parts are manufactured separately and at the final stage, they are assembled together as per the plan. There are different methods of assembling the parts. These methods vary from applying an adhesive or heating the parts to weld together.  


This is not a popular method, but it is used by certain companies to give a smooth tough to the material. The structure is run through sand to remove the roughness of the product. After this, the material is painted. 

Interesting facts about steel fabrication 

Although steel is a very basic component and it requires so special complex manufacturing method, still there are some interesting facts about the steel fabrication.  

  • More than 50% of the products in world include steel usage. These products range from simple jewellery to heavy bridges and even aircrafts.  
  • There are more than 3000 types of steels available. These types all contain different compositions of elements for different physical and chemical characteristics.  
  • Iron, being the main ingredient of steel, makes up only 4.7% of the earth’s crust.  
  • The Burj Khalifa contains about half the amount of steel in Empire State building.  
  • Despite variations in end product, steel fabrication Campbellfield consists of same basic processes.  

What to look for in Steel Fabrication Company? 

When you’re looking for a company to manufacture steel for your product, it is important that you first ask about the facilities they offer. You need to know about the services they offer and also the maintenance they provide later on. Don’t forget to check the reviews of the company before handing over your task. Lastly, try to look for a company close to your home in Campbellfield so you can come again and again, if necessary  

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