A Complete Guide To Buy Right Tiles For Rooms

A Complete Guide To Buy Right Tiles For Rooms

Aussies are very touchy about the houses especially when they are into a renovation, or building a new one. This very reason also makes them quite picky about the materials and things that they choose to adorn their respective places. Tiles and floorings are one such thing which could accentuate the overall look of the house in a defining way. But one cannot deny the fact that not every tile is suitable for all the places rather you have to be at the top of your tile information and knowledge game to choose the right solution for each room of the house. Or you can seek guidance from an expert of the field to help you choose the right design, texture, colour, and material, to name a few.

Initial Tiles in Australia have been doing quite well in providing authentic and quality flooring solutions to the clients. They are considered to be a leading and top notch importer and distributor of a wide range and type of tiles, fulfilling all scale of needs of its clients. You can check or consult with them in order to find a solution for your home or office space or any project which is subject to any concept or theme. Their team of experts are at par of their flooring game and leave no stone unturned in helping the prospects choosing the best within the given budget constraints.

However, there are certain things that one must consider to score the right tile for each room of the house as not every room is going to be same or responding in the same way.

Tile Hardness 

The first main consideration in choosing the cheap floor tiles is to figure out the scale of its hardness as it indicates the weight of traffic or footfall it could bear. There are generally 5 classes based upon the tile hardness. Class I is for no traffic, Class II is for light traffic, Class III is for light to moderate traffic, Class IV is for moderate to heavy traffic while Class V is for the heavy foot traffic or footfall. This hardness rating will help you determine which tiles are doable and in which area of the house.


Tiles in Australia tend to be porous; however, their level of porosity determines the amount of water they could absorb or are able to withstand. Considering this, there are 4 classifications such as Impervious tiles can absorb up to 0.5 percent water (these are highly recommended for kitchen and washroom areas). While Vitreous tiles can absorb 0.5% to 3%, Semi-Vitreous can absorb 3% to 7% and lastly, Non-vitreous can absorb more than 7% (this is not recommended to be used on the floor)

Porcelain Tiles 

These tiles tend to be stronger and more durable than the ceramic ones and comes in a variety of colours, materials, and textures. These are ideal for kitchen areas and looks absolutely luxurious without digging a hole in your pocket or to your bank. So if you are looking for cheap floor tiles Australia options then porcelain is your go-to material.

Slip Resistant Tiles 

You need to look up for those tiles options for bathroom areas which would have the highest coefficient of friction. As the shower area has water or is exposed to more water, therefore, there are fair chances of getting slipped out of the accident. So if you have elders or kids in the family then it is necessary to install tiles which are high on friction end.

Ceramic Wood Tiles 

You can opt for ceramic wood tiles instead of the real wood tiles to cope up with the maintenance of the later. Ceramic wood tiles come in great options and varieties, making it easier for you to choose. Also, these tend to be slip and water-resistant in addition to being durable. You can use them not only in your kitchen but in the bathroom as well where real wood tiles would not work out fine.

There’s another which can be done to give an illusion of expanded space to a narrow area such as you can install light color tiles in larger sizes or you can use the same light color tiles on the sides of walls as well to keep up with the illusion. A professional and resourceful vendor could help you in scoring the right pieces for your respective rooms in the house. Better get the consultation right away!

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