5 Tips To Choose The Best Vape Juice In Australia 

5 Tips To Choose The Best Vape Juice In Australia 

Smoking has been injurious to health, despite addicts find it quite difficult to get rid of it or to minimise its adverse impact on one’s health. With the ubiquitous progress in information technology, now we can find many alternatives of a single need which are not only updated versions but leaves lesser harm on one’s health; same is the case with e-cigarettes. There is a wide number of Aussies who have been switched to e-cigs due to its less harmful effects on their overall health without having to lose on the feel of it. But what makes an e-cig standout is its vape juice, no matter how much expensive device you have, if your e-liquid is not up to the mark or tastes worse then there is no point of the whole thing. Hence, it is imperative to be very cautious while choosing the juice for your e-cigs as there are many online and offline vendors in Australia who are selling inferior quality products at higher prices.

The Juice Cartel in Australia has been working towards providing revolutionary vaporisers and vape juices since 2017; and therefore, has earned themselves quite a name in the country. Their online range of devices and e-juices are one of a kinds for all personality types, that too at reasonable prices.

E liquids are imperative to have a proper plunge into the e-cigarettes; considering this importance, below are given a few tips to choose the best e-juice for your vaporiser in Australia, such as:

Flavor is Key     

Flavor is an important factor in determining and developing the overall taste of electronic cigarettes. Hence, be very considerate while choosing the e liquid Australia even if you have chosen the right nicotine level for yourself along with vapor production. Bear in mind that, if the flavor is horrible for you then you might like to switch back to smoking which is more harmful and dangerous to one’s health. Therefore, seek guidance from the pros to help you choose the liquid which would go fine with your taste buds. If you are addicted to a specific brand in cigarettes then at times, companies produce their electronic flavors as well just to please the customers, you can check your favourite flavor in the market as well.

Nicotine Level  

The second consideration in making the most of your vape juice Australia is being able to determine the right level of nicotine for your device. For instance, if you are a light smoker who can consume half a packet in a day then you must keep the nicotine level of your e-cig to 6mg which would go up to 9 mg – 16 mg in case you consume a packet in a day. Lastly, if you are a heavy smoker who can burn more than a packet in a day then the nicotine level of your device should be kept at 19 mg up to 36 mg but consider the health effect in mind. If the nicotine level is not rightly set then you would find it quite difficult revelling into your experience.

Mixup PG and VG 

Another important aspect to ponder over is whether to go for PG or VG to make your vaporiser and e-liquid go hand in hand. PG focuses more on flavor while muting the vapor while VG is more about generating more vapor while minimising the taste in e-cigs. Therefore, choose what suits you. However, there are many companies who have allowed people to have a mix of both and find a solution in between. So you can mix up the PG and VG features in the proportion of 40:60 in order to have the best of both worlds: taste and vapor.

Test The Flavour 

It is imperative to taste all the flavors of e liquid Australia before buying any or finalising the purchase especially if it is for the first time. The first experience tends to be overwhelming, therefore, play your cards very safe and ensure that you have made the best decision by taking in a portion of all available flavors.

Consult The Expert 

Another thing you can do is to consult the expert in your surrounding to help you choose the right vape juice Australia or recommend you a good source to get your dose from. As these e-cigs are quite widely used across Australia therefore, you should not be having any difficulty in scoring the best available advice or recommendation from the peers.

The Juice Cartel has been doing this job quite fine from quite a while. If you are someone who is on a lookout for an outstanding and unusual flavor then they are your go-to people, especially in Australia.

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